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Did you know we can assist you with classic vehicle insurance, and we can assist with classic vehicle evaluations as well?

Request a classic vehicle evaluation by clicking below

Insurance services we offer :

We offer Comprehensive, 3rd Party Fire and Theft, 3rd Party Only cover. We also cover theft, break-ins, and own damage.

Some of the categories are:

- Household 
- Business
- Modern vehicles
- Classic vehicles
- Marine insurance 

Marine Insurance :

We offer 
roro or container shipping insurance for general goods or vehicles - starting from 1,5% of value. 

Don't Leave any of your hard owned items un - insured 

Always be prepared, choose a company that still believes in old school values, surrounded by the desire to assist client from start to finish. 

Monday - Friday 

8:30 am to 4:30 pm




We offer Commercial and Professional Liability insurance to a variety of Small and Medium Enterprises that’s suited to the risks you may face on the daily



We cover modern vehicles including trailers, boats and anything else you may have. For tailor made quotes click on the link below. 



We offer complete home insurance for all your goods and even the bricks that makes the home. Anything can happen at anytime, so rather be prepared.  



We have specially formulated a policy for classic vehicles, becuase we know they are not on the road all the time. For tailor made quotes click on the link below. 



We cover all your shipped good and commodities, including vehicles wether they are new or old. For tailor made quotes click on the link below. 


A good business means a good strategy

In the frantic and fast paced world we live in, there are certain things you shouldn't need to worry about, insurance is one of those things. Time saved with Basseille Insurance could be better spent with those that matter most - family and friends, doing that which matters most - exploration, freedom and making memories.


"Quick to respond with queries and very efficient. It was refreshing after having dealt with other companies in the past. I have decided to move my entire insurance portfolio with Basseille Insurance.”


John - Johannesburg

“I shipped a classic vehicle to Australia. When the vehicle arrived it had a cracked windscreen. I sent quotes over and the claim was immediately approved fuss free.”


Neil - Cape Town.

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